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The LUDOPHONES™ are the REGENERATIONS OF TRADITIONAL ANCIENT SHOWING INSTRUMENTS (kalimba, psalterion & musical bow) and mainly of XVIIIth and XIXth centuries editing (metallic harps and euphone). Sculptural in appearance, they are real musical instruments! The keyboards are tuned on the same mode - natural harmonic mode - to allow sound exploration and musical interpretation! Thanks to you, they evolve every year!

Are you tired of synthetic sound, "Made in China" lead-painted triangles and coloured bisphenol A tubes? You think that patients or your children have difficulties to express themselves and to blossom in contact with the "grat-grat" and the phthalate sistres, zinc metallophones? Join the 1,200 establishments for whom and with whom LUDOPHONES are designed and develop !

Dr Frédéric Bousquet (1974)

Inventor, Pedagogist, Musican & composer, Musicologist, Maitre-Craftsman of art

Hyperacusic children, Frédéric Bousquet builds his first instrument from the age of 5 years, in his teacher father’s workshop. He begins his musical training on Baschet pedagogical instrument including theBaschet Cristal in1983. He received both musical and scientific teaching : PRIZE in PERCUSSION at Toulouse’s Conservatory in 1994, MASTER’DEGREE in Mechanical Engineering and Computer-Integrated at Bordeaux I University in 1998, PhD in Musicology (EDESTA Paris 8, 2018), MASTER 2 ARTS mention MUSIC at Paris VIII University in 2011. Musical animator since 1992 and trainer since 1994, collaborator and know-how recipient of the Baschet brothers from 1998 to 2012, Dr. Frédéric Bousquet participates in the renewal of musical pedagogy practices by designing the LUDOPHONES™, instruments designed for the National Education and music teaching, the hospital world and specialized institutions. Researcher associated at MUSIDANCE & the Acoustic Laboratory and Music "Lutheries - Acoustiques - Musique " LAM, Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert CNRS UMR7190, UPMC Sorbonne Universités. 



François baschet (1920-2014) - Dr. Frédéric Bousquet ( 1974) - Bernard Baschet (1917-2015)


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