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Over the past 25 years, we have trained thousands of educators in the CONDUCTING OF MUSICAL PROJECTS ON MIXED LUDOPHONES & INSTRUMENTARIUM.

For all your requests for training at the STOLON Art & Science association headquarters or in situ, in connection with the regional associations, please contact us!

  • DISCOVERY TRAINING : Hospital environments / Specialized environments / Music teaching / National Education : 2 days (14 hours) wished, 
  • In-depth training / 1 day (7 hours) welcome,
  • Accredited by the Ministry of National Education and Youth and Sports,
  • DRAC Tariff

Some references: Génopole, IRCAM, Fondation Ensemble Genève, Institut Curie Paris, Fondation Perce-Neige, Schools, conservatories, Institut de Formation des Musicien Interventant ... Tens of thousands of practitioners are reached every year !




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